Friday, June 13, 2014


I plan on spilling the beans about all of the lovely vendors that helped make my wedding a success, but first a little back story on me and the love of my life...

We met one sunny November day when he knocked on my door as one of my new home teachers. I love it when he tells me about that day, and how he fell in love with me the moment he met me. However, he did not ask me out on a date. When it came down to it, I had to do what a girl must at times and took matters into my own hands. During an auction to raise funds for a family in need, I placed the winning bid on his date. Hand holding included. As it turns out, it is quite easy to win an auction when you are determined. ;) 

We ended up having our first kiss before we even actually went on that first date, but we were inseparable soon after. Seems like the rest was history, and now we are happily married! I'll have to include our first kiss and engagement stories on posts about some of our other great vendors.

Spotlight: AA Professional Photography

Our amazing wedding photographer was Alvaro Aguayo. I stumbled upon his booth at a Bridal Expo held at the lovely La Caille. If you had asked me to make a list of what was important for me to have for my wedding a good photographer definitely would have been near the top. I loved the photos that Al and his wife had brought for the show, and as a bonus he spoke Spanish like my hubby's family. 

He is a such a happy person, and makes having your photos taken fun! He even had my husband smiling and saying," that was fun!" Not to mention that he offers some great packages, and pricing that won't break the bank.

Al took our engagements, bridal, and wedding photos. We even had an "after the wedding bridal session"!

AA Professional Photography 

Above is the link for his website. If you look carefully you may see a pic or two of me floating around... And below is his Facebook page if you are interested in seeing more photos. :)

AA Professional Photography - Facebook 

Just a few of the many many wonderful pictures! I couldn't choose which ones to post so I grabbed some of the photos off of his Facebook page. :)