Thursday, May 8, 2014


Welcome... to So Simply Alexus. 

My goal after getting married last September was to finally start a blog. I practically spent 7 months brainstorming just how to start, mostly with no luck. I've come to the conclusion that the best thing to do will be to just simply dive right on in and get 'er done!

DIY: Sheet Metal Menu Board

  • Frame 
  • Spray Paint
  • Tin Snips
  • Sheet Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Optional: Silhouette (to cut the vinyl)
If you frequent Pinterest as I do... often... then you may have seen different versions of the super cute, and useful, menu board. As I was now married, and the woman of the house, I just new that I had to have one to help me organize the chaos that is dinner planning. Below are a few of the ideas that I was crushing on before deciding on a plan of action.

I also drew inspiration from the many sheet metal projects. Sheet metal amazingness.

So, without further ado!

I began by using some leftover Rustoleum Satin Black spray paint that my mother gifted to me to paint a tall cheap frame that I purchased for almost nothing at a local thrift store. A couple coats and it was good to go! Next I borrowed a nifty pair of tin snips to cut my sheet metal to fit the frame- it was only about an inch off on the width, and an inch or two lengthwise. Be careful as the metal can be very sharp. You may want to use gloves. Once fitted in the frame, I used my niffty Silhouette SD to cut out the sheet of vinyl I picked up for less than $1 at the craft store. Letters carefully placed and presto! I had finished. I love the way it looks in my little kitchen. All together the project was very easy. The hardest part for me was trying to space my letters and get them looking fairly straight.

One of the perks to using sheet metal is that it is magnetic, and you can write on it with an expo marker. I left it as is to match another sheet metal board I have hanging in the kitchen, but it would be very easy to cover with scrapbook paper or fabric. If you choose to do so you would want to go the magnet route to switch out each weeks meals.

Note to self: Work on photography skills

I also whipped together a last minute version with items I had on hand for a holiday activity. It's simply a frame, scrapbook paper, and an expo marker to write on the glass with.